Weronika Gajska

Frontend Developer



I have HTML knowledge


I know CSS well


I like to program in JS


I develop my programming skills using Angular


I like to use GIT as a version control system


I develop my unit test writing skills and testing at Cypress


FSR competitor's site

A simple website written with the JS.
Tech stack: HTML | CSS | JS | Bootstrap | RWD

Weather app

An application written in Angular using the RESTful API - displaying the current weather and marking the city on the map.
Tech stack: HTML | CSS | Angular | API form Open Weather | Leaflet | RxJS

Memory game

A simple logic and memory game written in Angular.
Tech stack: HTML | CSS | Angular | Animate

Online bookstore

An example of online store with a dynamic shopping cart and order form.
Tech stack: HTML | CSS | Angular | Animate | Routes | Material Design | Firebase

Card game 'Oczko'

Game with a choice of game mode (singleplayer or multiplayer) with sample unit tests.
Tech stack: HTML | CSS | Angular | Animate | Routes | API from Deck of Cards | Tests

To do list

Application for saving tasks along with their priority. The table can be sorted by each column. After hovering over a given row, you can delete it by pressing the trash can button. The data is stored in LocalSotorage.
Tech stack: HTML | CSS | Angular | Forms | Material Design | LocalStorage

E-commerce website MALWA

Online store offering crochet cords, integrated with private mail, with various shipping and payment methods. Including store management.
Tech stack: WordPress | PHP | Elementor

About me

My name is Weronika Gajska. My adventure with programming started in high school, where I learned the basics of C ++ and HTML. The following years of my studies took a slightly different direction - I have a master's degree in Biomedical Engineering (specialization in Information Technology in Medicine). As part of team projects, I co-created a website for medical research management, and my thesis was based on image processing algorithms written in Python.

At the end of my studies, my interests turned toward writing websites. For a year, I systematically expanded my skills in web technologies. I have completed several courses on the Udemy platform, including Programming in JavaScript and Angular from scratch. I practice all the time, implementing simple projects thanks to which I can do what gives me joy (or anger when the code does not cooperate), arouses curiosity, and motivates me to create new things.

I have almost 2 years of commercial experience gained in the Polish company Storware and the international company EPAM.